5 Hangover Cures That Actually Work (Plus 4 That Really Don’t)

August 22, 2018
Got a hangover? Some cures, and some busts.
Got a hangover? Some cures, and some busts.

While your memories may be a little fuzzy, the morning after a night of one-too-many cocktails brings into full focus the effect alcohol has on your body. From a headache to nausea, the total exhaustion from drinking too much can even making lying in bed and watching Netflix all day seem too difficult. The desperation can leave you scrambling for hangover cures, no matter how far-fetched.

The problem? A lot of common hangover cures are total myths, according to the experts. We dug into which remedies are BS to get to the bottom of the science-backed hangover cures that will actually make you feel better.

Source: Prevention