Ana Michunovich

Research at TouroCOM: Treating dermatologic conditions using osteopathic manipulative treatment

July 07, 2015

Dr. Michunovich began doing research with Dr. Stern on dermatology during her second year of medical school. By the end of the year, she had written, submitted, and published “Potential New Dimensions in Dermatology: The Osteopathic Approach to Cutaneous Disease” in the American Academy of Osteopathy Journal. “I was excited when it was accepted—by the second journal we submitted it to, no less!” she remembers.

She credits her education at TouroCOM as the primary reason she was accepted to both of her first choices for residency. “Touro really prepared me to be a competitive applicant,” she said. “Matching to a residency in general is becoming increasingly difficult, let alone matching to one of your top choices. However, my GPA, board scores, extracurricular endeavors, and all the other components on my residency application were strong enough for me to get invited to interview at some of the top MD residencies and hospitals in the country. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have had these amazing opportunities had I not attended TouroCOM.”

Dr. Michunovich will be doing her preliminary year of internal medicine at Staten Island University Hospital followed by three years of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

First “physician” moment

“It was definitely during clinical rotations, but I can't pinpoint the exact situation when I knew. It just felt wonderful to finally be able to apply everything that I had spent the past two years learning, and truly start making a difference in people’s lives.”