Kathleen DiCaprio, PhD

Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences

  • Office: 230 West 125th Street, Room 428
  • Campus:
    Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - Harlem
  • Phone:
    (646) 981-4758
  • Email:

Dr. DiCaprio teaches Medical Microbiology as well as masters and undergraduate courses related to infectious diseases. She earned her BS in Biochemistry from The College of Saint Rose and her PhD in Pathology from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Her prior research focused on studying pathogenesis of maximum containment (Biosafety-level 4) viruses such as Ebola and Marburg viruses in nonhuman primate models. Her research efforts have contributed to the development of potential vaccines and therapeutics against these deadly viruses and such work has been profiled in numerous publications and press releases.

Her longstanding interests in infectious diseases and public health brought her to New York City where she worked for the NYC DOHMH Public Health Laboratory. During her time with NYC Health Department she assisted in laboratory and emergency response affairs during the H1N1 Influenza 2009 outbreak in NYC.


PhD, Pathology
Uniformed Services University

BA, Biochemistry
The College of Saint Rose

Courses Taught

Microbiology and Immunology
Human Health and Behavior

Areas of Research

Infectious Disease and Public Health
Educational Outcomes

Selected Publications

1. Geisbert TW, Jones, S, Fritz EA, Shurtleff AC, Geisbert JB, Liebscher R, Grolla A, Stroher U, Fernando L, Daddario KM, Guttieri MC, Mothe BR, Larsen T, Hensley LE, Jahrling PB, Feldmann H. Development of a new vaccine for the prevention of Lassa Fever. 2005 PLoS Med 2(6):0537.

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